Trustee Ann Sherif with Hiroshima Fellow and ANT-Hiroshima partners


The Shansi Board of Trustees is a self-nominating group of no less than 12 and no more than 20 individuals, plus ex-officio and non-voting honorary members, and with support from an advisory group. The Board of Trustees is responsible for overall policy and direction of the Association, and delegates responsibility of day-to-day operations to the Executive Director and staff.


Sarah J. Newman - Chair
​Associate Lawyer at MoloLamken LLP; Oberlin College 2007; Shansi Fellow to Banda Aceh, 2007-2009
Kim Z. Golden - Treasurer
​Investor; Oberlin College 1977
Jennifer Fraser - Secretary
Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology and Anthropology, Oberlin College
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Peter Berman
​Director, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia; Oberlin College 1973; Shansi Fellow to Indonesia, 1973-1976
Tania Boster
Director, Bonner Center Curricular Initiatives, Associate Director, Bonner Center, Associate Director, Gertrude B. Lemle Teaching Center, and Assistant Professor, Department of History, Oberlin College & Conservatory
Joycelyn Eby
​Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group; Harvard University Business School, Research Associate, Harvard College; Oberlin College 2009; Shansi Fellow to China, 2010-2011
Jesse Gerstin
​Director, Sustainable Business Development, SimpliPhi Power, Inc.; Oberlin College 2007; Shansi Fellow to Indonesia 2007-2009
Bruce Harker
​International Development Program Advisor and Manager, principally in Indonesia and the Philippines
Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Oberlin College
Christina James
Oberlin College and Conservatory 2010, Shansi Fellow to India, 2012-2014
David Kamitsuka
​Acting Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor of Religion, Chair of the Program Review Steering Committee, Oberlin College
Catherine Oertel
​Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Oberlin College 1999
Daniel Tam-Claiborne
​Associate at Forum Solutions LLC; Oberlin College 2009; Shansi Fellow to China 2009-2011
M Danielle Young
Advancement Director, Sierra Club; Former Executive Director, Oberlin Alumni Association
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Carmen Ambar

President, Oberlin College of Arts & Sciences and Conservatory of Music

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Nelson de Jesus
Oberlin College Faculty, French emeritus
Anuradha Needham
​Professor of English, Oberlin College
James Zinser
​Oberlin College Faculty, Economics emeritus
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