Christina James pursued a Masters Degree at Georgetown School of Foreign Service. During her time as a Shansi Fellow in Northern India, Christina worked as an Assistant Researcher and Project Leader. She documented cases that came through the legal counseling branch into a searchable database for the team and conducted analysis on the data collected, and contributed to two publications (Grappling at the Grassroots: Litigant-Efforts to Access Economic and Social Rights in India; Harvard Human Rights Journal, No. 268, Vol. 27; and Himachal Pradesh State Report - Litigant Access to Economic and Social Rights. She also taught English speaking class to team members, and ran educational theater workshops for team members. Before her Shansi Fellowship in Northern India, Christina was the recipient of a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant position in Indonesia. She holds a B.A. and B.M. in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Law and Society and Vocal Performance.