While Eli Fisher has explored Peru, Spain, Nepal, and Thailand among other countries, he has yet to set foot in Indonesia. His extensive experiences abroad have sharpened his ability to navigate different cultures, and have piqued his curiosity in education as a career. Eli is eager to hone the craft of teaching while immersing himself in a country that is unfamiliar to him. He is acutely aware of the issues of Westerners living and working abroad, and has acquired the sensitivity needed to continually learn about other cultures. His advice, “Foreigners should also take time to learn, observe, and talk to local people to understand, as best as possible, the specific community that they are in before beginning whatever project or position they came to the country to take part in.” Eli, a Religion major, is busy on campus with numerous activities including playing on the varsity lacrosse team, attending bi-weekly Tai Chi classes, hosting radio shows on Oberlin’s WOBC radio station, and participating as a member on the Oberlin College Program Board.