No. 132

GOING GREEN is a significant, achievable goal for Obies. To help Shansi along on this path, we will gradually move towards an online newsletter in the future.  We don’t have a set schedule for this process, but we know that mailing hundreds of newsletters is detrimental to the environment and costly for Shansi. This fall, we are offering you print and online issues of the newsletter. You will quickly notice this e-newsletter offers more information, stories, and great visuals that we didn’t have space for in the print newsletter. We hope you enjoy this format!


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You may notice an environmental theme in this newsletter, and that is no accident. The environment is on our minds here at Oberlin Shansi, and the critical environmental challenges our planet is facing are the focus of more and more of our programs. Many of the Fellows working or volunteering with NGOs in India, Indonesia, and Japan work on........

Catch up with Maisy Byerly '15 and Liam Leslie '15 (Fellows to Shanxi Agricultural University), and Annelise Giseburt '16 (First Fellow to Hiroshima)!

Students, faculty, and staff came together to learn more about the saplings of trees that survived the A-bomb in Hiroshima and were gifted to Oberlin from Green Legacy Hiroshima. 

Shansi's on LinkedIn! Find out how you can join, and connect with former and current Fellows. 

Jesse Gerstin '07 recently returned to Oberlin College for the After Fossil Fuels: The Next Economy conference on climate change. He sat down with Shansi to discuss his experience as a Fellow in Banda Aceh from 2007-2009. 

This semester, Shansi House welcomes two new scholars: Nesren Hefnawy (Arabic Fulbright Teaching Fellow) and Hengyu Zhang (Chinese Teaching Assistant for the East Asian Studies Department). 

During the summer, In-Asia Grant recipients Dennis Dong '18, Kirk Pearson '17, and Jun Takaki '17 traveled to Asia to explore a diverse range of topics including proteins in pain perception, the role of NGOs in China, and the effects of maritime trade on the Java Sea. 

Shansi remembers Charles A. Ryerson and Richard Eldridge Dudley (Former Fellows to Madurai). 

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