No. 132


Visiting the A-bomb survivor saplings in the Biology Greenhouse: Professor Ann Sherif, Elena Loke '16, Greenhouse caretaker Judy Laushman, Jane Clark '16, Associate Professor Catherine Oertel, Executive Director Gavin Tritt, and Associate Professor Jennifer Fraser

Dear Friends and Supporters,


You may notice an environmental theme in this newsletter, and that is no accident. The environment is on our minds here at Oberlin Shansi, and the critical environmental challenges our planet is facing are the focus of more and more of our programs. Many of the Fellows working or volunteering with NGOs in India, Indonesia, and Japan work on environmental issues, and all of them think about air, water, and food quality every day. Many In-Asia Grants are for environmental projects, as you can see in the reports in this newsletter.


It is not surprising to see this strong interest in the environment. Oberlin College has a wonderful Environmental Studies program, has been a leader on sustainable community initiatives through the Oberlin Project, and with funding from the Luce Foundation, is now working on linking together the study of the environment with the study of Asia and East Asian languages. I expect the environment will continue to grow as a focus of Shansi, and we will collaborate closely with these Oberlin environmental efforts.


We are also thinking about how Shansi can be more environment-friendly, so we are introducing an electronic newsletter! Printing and mailing newsletters is harmful to the environment and expensive for Shansi. With a digital newsletter, we can send you more detailed articles, more images, and links to videos and other information. I hope you enjoy the new electronic format with its enhanced content. Please tell us what you think – we value your feedback!


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Thank you for your help!


Best regards,

Gavin Tritt