No. 132


The Oberlin Shansi group on LinkedIn is a forum to bring together Shansi’s family of friends and supporters. Many of you have rewarding careers that took hard work and many years to build. Some of you are in fantastic graduate programs, or are just starting on your professional journeys. Others have retired and retain numerous friendships from your working careers. At this time, there are 365 former and present Reps/Fellows living in all parts of the world engaged in interesting careers, including doctors, researchers, stand-up comics, artists, professors, community organizers, and government officials. In addition to the Reps/Fellows who ventured out into the field, there are many supporters and friends of Shansi, including those who have served as Trustees, former members of the Student Committee, and recipients of In-Asia Grants and Shansi Prizes.


Obies, at various of times in their lives, need advice about emerging trends in science, business and academia; the inside scoop on graduate schools; or the most recent news from far-flung corners of the world. Because of your shared experience at Oberlin and with Shansi, you are uniquely positioned to reach out and guide one another. We are asking you to be generous and share your knowledge – your Shansi colleagues are worth it. If you’re already using LinkedIn, please join the Oberlin Shansi group. If you have not joined, please consider creating an account (it just takes a few minutes) and become part of the conversation.  Shansi's LinkedIn is