The purpose of this policy is to establish Oberlin Shansi’s procedures for review of the IRS Form 990 by the Board of Trustees prior to the annual filing of the form.



Oberlin Shansi recognizes that the governance role of its Board of Trustees includes the annual review of IRS Form 990.  Accordingly, Oberlin Shansi requires that its Audit Committee review the Form 990 prior to presenting it to the Oberlin Shansi Board of Trustees for final review and approval on an annual basis.




  1. The Executive Director along with Oberlin Shansi’s certified public accountant firm is responsible for the timely preparation of Form 990.

  2. The Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees will receive the completed Form 990 sufficiently in advance of the filing deadline to enable a detailed and conscientious review by all members of the committee.  All questions concerns, etc. of the Audit Committee members will be addressed by the appropriate representatives of the certified public accounting firm hired to prepare the form and the Executive Director.

  3. The Board of Trustees will review the completed Form 990 at a full meeting of the Board.

  4. After input from the Board of Trustees and the Audit Committee has been appropriately addressed, the Executive Director and representatives of the certified public accountant firm will file the final Form.



Copies of the three previous annual filed Form 990 returns will be maintained on the Oberlin Shansi website (below), and copies thereof will be kept on file in the main office of Oberlin Shansi and will be made available upon reasonable request.


2019 Form 990 (Public Inspection Copy)

2018 Form 990 (Public Inspection Copy)

2017 Form 990 (Public Inspection Copy)

2016 Form 990 (Public Inspection Copy)

2015 Form 990 (Public Inspection Copy)