Grants and Fellowships Coordinator 
August 2021 ~ June 2022



Born and raised in Beijing, China, Jenny majored in Psychology and East Asian Studies at Oberlin. After studying Japanese for four years in college, she went on the Shansi Hiroshima Fellowship from 2018 to 2020, where she worked with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research Hiroshima Office, local grassroot NGO ANT-Hiroshima, and peace initiative Green Legacy Hiroshima. Through the fellowship, she discovered her interests in international policy and law, conflict resolution, and passion for learning new languages and cultures. She returned to Oberlin as this year's Shansi Grant & Fellowship Coordinator, excited to reconnect with the community, share her experience in Hiroshima, and start learning French. In Fall 2022, Jenny will start her master's in public policy at Harvard Kennedy School.