Henry Aberle has two passions—music and Japanese culture. With a voice as his instrument, Henry has sung at Carnegie Hall and studied at Mannes Conservatory, where his final project was a solo performance of twelve pieces in four different languages. Henry’s musical experiences have also fueled his interest in Japan. At Oberlin, he learned aboutkaruta, a traditional Japanese card game that tests memory, stamina, and focus based on one hundred classical poems. Karuta is not only a form of entertainment; according to Henry, it provides “a unique window into everyday life in Japan.” Hoping to share his enthusiasm for the game, Henry founded the East Asian Game club, taught an ExCo, and organized a public seminar by collaborating with the Karuta Club at the University of Michigan. With a strong appreciation for cross-cultural understanding that was initially sparked by his love for a game, Henry looks forward to further deepening his knowledge of contemporary Japan and mastering Japanese during his two-year Fellowship.