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SUMMER 2013 


Joelle Lingat ’15

Joelle Lingat ’15 is double majoring in Environmental Studies, with a focus in Urban Inquiry, and Comparative American Studies.  At Oberlin she is actively involved in the Filipino American Students Association and the Asian American Alliance.During Spring Semester Joelle will be participating in Oberlin’s study abroad program entitled ‘Cities in the 21st Century’ where she will travel to 4 different cities (New York, Delhi, Dakar, and Buenos Aires) to examine the intersections of urban planning, culture, and politics. Upon completion of her study abroad program, Shansi will sponsor her in returning to her family’s home country, the Philippines for Summer 2013. Joelle will use her prior field research to conduct a comparative analysis on the effects of urban planning on a global scale and the critical components that necessitate systematic change. She hopes to use her time abroad as a springboard for an honors project within the environment studies major.

Kelsey Scult ’14

Kelsey Scult ’14 is a double major in Studio Art and African American Studies. Since coming to Oberlin Kelsey has immersed herself in studying public art; she painted three murals with another student in the Dascomb dorm, is currently working on another one that will be installed next to the Cat and the Cream concert hall, and worked with the Lorain Arts Council Mural Artists in reviving the city through a series of murals along the buildings of Main Street.  She recently spent two weeks in South Korea with painting professor Sarah Schuster where she worked as the exhibition assistant for the Ecorea International Painting Biennale. Kelsey believes murals are the ultimate form of story telling in the way they articulate a voice for a space by asserting identity on the physical markers of an environment. In pursuit of this understanding, Kelsey will spend Summer 2013 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia researching one of the most vibrant mural scenes in the world. She hopes to research the intersection of public art with the political, social, economic, and historical factors of the Yogya community.  She will volunteer with a local gallery, collaborate with artists in the area and conduct several interviews to later create a documentary on the growing street art scene there.

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Alexander Bianchi ’14

Alexander Bianchi ’14 a Religion major who is off to Mysore, India for the January Winter Term.  He will be expanding his deep interests in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga by studying the practice at its place of origin, the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute.  He has intensively studied yoga for two and a half years, both in the United States and Mexico and is planning a capstone paper on yoga and the contemporary world. During his time abroad, he plans to not only study the pedagogy of the practice but also look more deeply into the student-teacher relationship and the techniques used in physically and energetically aligning the body. He hopes to further his understanding of the history as an amalgam of Indian traditions and Western colonial influence by investigating the ways in which the massive influx of Westerners to Mysore has affected the teaching of the practice.

Angela Kwon‘ 15

Angela Kwon‘ 15 is a Geology major with a minor in Environmental Studies.  She is actively involved in the Chinese Student Association and the Korean Student Association here at Oberlin. Angela is excited to spend her winter term in the Philippines working at an Environment Monitoring lab in the National Institute of Geological Sciences at the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Science. She will explore alternative revegetation procedures in an area that was exposed to serious mine waste from a dam which leaked 20.6 tons of mine tailing– one of the worst mining disasters in the past two decades.  She will assist the research team at the University by immersing herself in the different studies they are conducting and taking part in the field surveys the team will perform. She looks forward to incorporating her experience abroad in her daily life here at Oberlin.

Teresa Tippens ’15

Teresa Tippens ’15 Musical Studies major with a focus in Sound Design and Technology and a minor in Computer Studies. Ever since she returned from her year abroad in Japan, she has been interested in sound as an integral, and often underrepresented, element of culture. Teresa believes sound conveys cultural significance that is often overlooked; a soundtrack that carries hidden meaning to listeners. For her winter term project she will return to Japan to record “sonic photographs”– compositions made of recorded sounds that try to capture the sonic atmosphere of a place. Teresa intends to record sounds of shops, shrines, churches, temples, and daily life. These sonic photographs will be shared with the Oberlin community upon her return.  In addition to recording sonic photographs, she plans on interning at her old high school and elementary school, holding workshops based on “American” sounds that she has recorded.  She hopes these conversations will spark cultural exchange by examining elements of sound and how they contribute to cultural stereotypes and understandings.

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