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Rory O’Donoghue ’19

Rory went to Beijing to conduct research for his honors thesis in Comparative Literature focused on issues of orientalism, national identity, and hybridity in modern Chinese opera. He attended performances at the Zhengyici Theatre, made several trips to some of the prominent museums across the city, and spent time at the libraries of both Beijing University and the Central Conservatory of Music. Having never been to China before, this experience has allowed him the ability to engage with his thesis material in a more meaningful, nuanced way.

Will Cramer '20

William Cramer spent his Winter Term at the Dharma Institute of Liberal Arts in Taiwan, where he studied Buddhism and engaged in religious-scholarly dialogue. He was able to learn more about the various forms of Buddhism in Taiwan as well as form close relationships with some of the monks at the Institute. He also helped organize an international symposium that brought religious scholars from across the world to Dharma Drum Mountain.

Will FK Tokunaga '20

Will Tokunaga traveled to Tokyo, Japan to create a collaborative work featuring taiko drums and the motion-sensing software Max MSP with Nintendo Wii remotes. In Tokyo, he and a fellow Obie worked with the professional taiko ensemble Amanojaku under the tutelage of Yoichi Watanabe-sensei. They learned some of the techniques behind Watanabe-sensei’s unique compositions which they later incorporated into their own work.

Eleda Fernald '20

Eleda Fernald went to China to work with a small company named "Bamboo Bicycles Beijing & Beyond". She spent most of her time interviewing employees to create an anthology of alternate voices and viewpoints on topics such as environmentalism in China, making things by hand, creativity, making things in China, specifically, and how all of these things are connected by the bamboo bike.  

Andrea Wang ’19 & Joanna Quinn ‘19

Andrea and Joanna went to Bangkok to shadow a Thai NGO called “Togetherness for Equality and Action”, or TEA. TEA is “a lesbian, queer and bisexual women led group founded in 2013 and committed to building a sustainable and inclusive LBT movement in Thailand.” Over the course of the month, they attended a variety of events hosted by TEA and other activist groups. For Andrea and Joanna, it was a learning and research experience highlighting the most prominent LGBT and human rights issues in Thailand today.

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Juliet Flam-Ross '19

Juliet used her economics background and Hindi language skills to pursue research on the role of benzodiazepine (tranquilizer) use and access on labor markets in India. In addition, she studied the regulations and execution or lack thereof of benzodiazepine dispersal in India affecting employment and growth. Juliet researched these topics using data available in Dehli, including from the National Sample Survey (NSS), as well as took Hindi language courses in Jaipur.

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