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Kushagra Kar '23

Kushagra traveled Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan to explore the NGO's approach to community integration and service, specifically through in the context of educational interactions. He looked into the impact of Barefoot College in local communities and examined the efficacy of certain western educational ideologies used in such contexts. Kushagra sought a nuanced understanding of how Barefoot's standard curriculum is adapted to suit the environment in Tilonia and the type of planning that precedes large scale projects. He focused on the annual Solar Mamas program that came the end of its six-month cycle in January, 2020. In addition to this, Kushagra worked as a volunteer in various capacities.

Chloe Lai '22

Chloe spent winter term in Taipei exploring how Taiwanese heritage is constructed by working at a cultural history museum and spending time with family.  Chloe began her project by working at Museum 207, giving tours, researching exhibitions, and creating ideas for public programs. This gave her the opportunity to engage with how heritage and stories are preserved for the public.  The second half of Chloe's project was spent with her family, observing Chinese New Year, learning about modern iterations of traditions and how they shape Taiwanese identity.

Elsie Wang '21

Elsie Wang is an East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature double major. Given her passion for Japanese and Chinese Theater, she traveled to Tokyo to explore Japanese Noh drama. During her three week stay, Elsie watched live Noh performances, learned the art of Noh theater, and interviewed professional and amateur Noh actors. Through this immersive experience, Elsie hopes to continue to engage in the rich cultural cultural traditions of Noh theater in Oberlin and beyond.

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