Assistant Professor Amanda Schmidt, Maisy Byerly '15, Liam Leslie '15, Marcus Hill '19, Zanna Doak '16, Al Denn, Wang Yumei 


In January 2021, we will announce safety guidelines for projects and appropriate deadlines for the Summer competition. We will also consider projects for remote engagement, should staff determine that international travel remains unsafe. We encourage prospective applicants to discuss ideas with Shansi staff.

Oberlin Shansi provides grants to Oberlin College & Conservatory students to promote individual and creative engagement with Asia. The purpose of these grants is to offer students funding for a Winter Term or summer project with a focus on a society and culture other than their own. The grants are up to $1,500 and must take place in East Asia, Southeast Asia or South Asia. Projects can include, but are not limited to, internships with non-governmental organizations and self-directed study. Only first, second, and third-year students as well as fourth-year double degree students are eligible for the grants. 

Within one month of the end of the project, the grant recipients are required to submit to Oberlin Shansi a short narrative report, no more than 2 pages, of the results of the project. Using the information in the report as a starting point, the recipient will also give a presentation of the project to their fellow students. Shansi will support you during the whole process of planning the presentation.

If you have any questions, please email us at to schedule a meeting.

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