Jeremy Rubinstein graduated in May 2014 with a major in East Asian Studies. Raised in a bilingual household, Jeremy has had a profound interest in world languages and cultures for as long as he can remember. Jeremy speaks Spanish fluently, has studied French since middle school, and has enjoyed his experience teaching and tutoring both languages over the years. His sophomore year at Oberlin, he started taking Chinese classes, was immediately drawn to the beautiful language, and found his second home among his professors and peers in the EAS department. Ever since, Jeremy has been hooked on learning about Chinese language and linguistics, and discovering the fascinating society that his language studies have exposed to him. In the summer of 2013, Jeremy participated in the Princeton in Beijing language intensive at Beijing Normal University. When not studying or teaching languages, Jeremy is often practicing folk dances from different cultures. At Oberlin, Jeremy was active in organizing monthly contra dances as well as the annual Dandelion Romp folk dance festival. He was a member of Rust Belt, Oberlin’s rapper sword dance team, and after graduating Oberlin, he started dancing with the Bouwerie Boys, a morris dance team based in New York City. He looks forward to returning to his old stomping ground on the campus of Beijing Normal University to immerse himself in Chinese society for a year, deepen his understanding of the complexities of Chinese language, and hone his skills in teaching language and culture.