Globetrotting scientist Julia Skrovan is more than ready to depart for Banda Aceh, Indonesia – a region she characterizes as having a “dynamic history of inertia, resilience, and adaptability in the face of both natural and human conflict.” Julia is a Shansi Fellow with a purpose—to strengthen and challenge her own understanding of other cultures. With an ever-expanding curiosity to discover new places, she is excited to represent Shansi in Asia as a Fellow in celebrating the diversity and historical connection between Oberlin and Asia. After graduating in May 2015 with a major in Geology, Julia is currently a research assistant and instructor for Oberlin College’s Geology Department. About teaching, she stated, “My experiences teaching, building curriculums, and facilitating activities prepare me to be a constructive teaching fellow.” A geologist at heart, Julia hopes to utilize her science background to learn and collaborate with local Indonesian scientists and community members on exploring the issues of natural disasters, health of the environment, and conditions of the landscape.