Karl Orozco graduated with majors in Visual Art and Sociology. His fourth year, he was quite involved in organizing an initiative of his own, a major four-day arts festival “the Asia America Art Collective.”  A free-lance graphic designer, he worked as the head graphic designer for the Oberlin College Office of Communications, taught an ExCo course on Adobe Illustrator, was the publicist for the Asian American Alliance, and was part of the 12-person team responsible for designing and marketing a new line of Oberlin College apparel. As a member of Third World Co-op, Karl served as kitchen coordinator, dining coordinator, and cook. He was the Chair of the Filipino American Student Association and co-chaired the Midwest Asian American Student Conference last year. He was awarded a Shansi In-Asia undergraduate grant in 2011 for a project entitled “Illustrating Identity.” This WT project explored his Filipino heritage and resulted in a series of silk screens based on his impressions of the Philippines. He gifted these to Shansi House. Karl brought his design and visual arts skills to the students at UnSyiah.