Jingyi "Laura" Li '18: Story on Set

Laura Li is the 2018-2020 Shansi Independent Fellow. She is based at Taktopia, an educational company in Tokyo, Japan. This is her end of the year narrative.

Independent Fellow and multimedia producer Jingyi Laura Li '18 made a short film sharing scenes from her everyday life in Japan. Laura shares:


"The Shansi Independent Fellowship has been an incredible journey. It's allowed me to explore life in the real world after graduating from Oberlin College. I am so lucky to be working at Taktopia, a start-up Educational company, with many respectful and inspiring co-workers. So far, I've taken on a number of media projects, including a short commercial series for Taktopia. I was given a lot of control over the series' production and explored my boundaries as an artist and filmmaker. I've also traveled extensively with experienced educators and taught filmmaking to high school students. Outside work, I've explored Japan, participated in community activities near my neighborhood, and joined Tango, Jazz Singing, and Art Classes. Through these activities, I got to meet interesting people with innovative ideas. Everything that I have experienced is helping me understand what I want to achieve and who I want to be. I can't wait for my next year in Japan!"

Enjoy the film!