William “Liam” Leslie majored in Geology. He is passionate about environmental issues and working at the intersection between religion and geology. Liam is the chair of the Green EDGE Fund, a student-run fund that finances sustainable projects in Oberlin. He was also integral to the implementation of a campus-wide compost program and clothing swaps through his work as a member of the Oberlin College Resource Conservation Team. Liam’s passion for “communicating concepts” has led him to teaching experiences as an America Counts math Tutor, and as a Teaching Assistant for Glaciology and Climate Change, Earth’s Environments, and Earth’s Interiors, where he graded assignments, worked with students one on one, and led review sessions. Through this work, Liam noted that “explaining concepts is a helpful way to reach students from different backgrounds and an exciting way for me to see familiar ideas from fresh angles.” Liam’s background in the sciences and environment make him a great fit for SAU and he is interested in involving himself in SAU’s agricultural practices and engaging in the science departments on campus. Explore his photo-filled blog, “Meandering Liam