Margaret “Maisy” Byerly graduated in 2015 with a double-major in East Asian Studies and Politics and a minor in Studio Art. On campus she held a variety of responsibilities: head mechanic at the Bike Coop, intramural softball and soccer captain, Outings Club officer, mediator and facilitator with the Oberlin College Dialogue Center and research assistant in the library. Amid Maisy’s many interests, learning Chinese and analyzing Chinese Politics remain her central passions, and she plans to continue these studies. In the future, Maisy hopes to work on U.S.-Chinese relations and use her language and knowledge of politics to build understanding. She is particularly interested in living in rural China, where she will see first-hand the local governance structures she has studied from afar. During her fellowship, she plans to integrate art and animation, bikes and their maintenance, and intramural sports into on-campus activities at SAU. Specifically, Maisy plans to “start a women’s badminton and table tennis club to try and form a stronger women’s wellness community.” Teaching is in Maisy’s blood. Not only did she grow up listening to her parents discuss their classes (they are both teachers), but she has also been a camp counselor in New York, an assistant teacher in Mumbai, and a facilitator at the Oberlin College Dialogue Center. Take a look at some of her art and what she’s currently working on at Maisydraws.