Our Vision

Deepening mutual respect and understanding through exchange between Asia and the United States.

Our Mission

Shansi facilitates experiential learning and nurtures mutually beneficial exchanges between Oberlin College & Conservatory and partners in Asia. Shansi’s programs have a transformative impact, empowering individuals, institutions, and communities to be leaders in cross-cultural engagement.

Our Programs

Founded in 1908, the Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association (“Oberlin Shansi” or “Shansi”) is one of the oldest international educational and cultural exchange organizations in the United States. Shansi promotes mutual understanding and communication between Asians and Americans by bringing together students, faculty, and communities from Oberlin College and Shansi partner universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in China, India, Indonesia, and Japan. Shansi’s programs support work, teaching, and service exchanges of faculty, staff, and students, including: two-year Fellowships for recent Oberlin graduates to teach or engage in service projects at partner institutions in Asia; faculty and staff exchanges among Oberlin and the Asian partner institutions; and travel grants for Oberlin students to pursue independent research or service projects during Oberlin’s winter term or summer.  Shansi also supports activities to promote awareness of Asia on the campus of Oberlin College and Conservatory.  

Shansi is proud of its multifaceted approach to building bridges between the United States and Asia, and the contributions it has made to expanding the perspectives of generations of program participants from Oberlin and partners in Asia. These experiences change the lives of Shansi’s Fellows, Visiting Scholars, and other stakeholders, and the relationships built last Shansi alumni for a lifetime.

Shansi’s current programs include:


  • Shansi Fellowships sponsor recent Oberlin graduates to work, teach, and study for a two- year Independent Fellowship or Site-specific Fellowship at Shansi partner institutions in China, India, Indonesia, and Japan. The Beijing Normal University Fellowship is for one year. 

  • In-Asia Grants of $1,500 provide Oberlin undergraduates opportunities to develop valuable research skills and broaden their horizons by volunteering for non-governmental organizations in Asia, or through individual winter term or summer projects.

  • On-Campus Program Grants support events organized by student organizations or college departments.

  • The Visiting Scholars Program supports visits by Asian faculty to teach, conduct research, and/or study at Oberlin College. Undergraduates often work with our visitors, creating lasting scholarly relationships.

  • Sponsorship of the Shansi Distinguished Lecture series, which brings a prominent Asian scholar to campus for public lectures and classroom encounters.