"Ainu: Indigeneity, Environment, & Cultural Survival" Lecture and Performance after Fa

Later this month one of several lectures and performances co-sponsored by the Oberlin Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and Environment (LIASE) will be taking place. The description is provided below: "Oki Kano is an Ainu artist and activist from Asahikawa, Japan, whose testimony to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues contributed to the Japanese government’s recognition of the Ainu as an indigenous people of Japan in 2008. Nate Renner is a musician and ethnomusicologist (PhD candidate, University of Toronto) whose research explores some of the ways Ainu people use music to assert a presence on their ancestral lands, and to contest human-environment relationships in contemporary Japan.

Papermaking & Book Art Winter Term now accepting applications

Aimee Lee (OC '99) will be returning to Oberlin this Winter Term to teach her course on papermaking! As described below: “Through hands-on practice, students will learn to make paper and books while discovering their impact on past history and present culture. Led by a prominent papermaking artist, teacher, and award-winning author Aimee Lee, you will learn to make paper in eastern and western styles, decorate paper, and transform these sheets into books using bindings from around the world. Seed, leaf, and bast fiber will be processed from raw plant materials to demonstrate a range of fiber preparation. You will make paper in Hales and bind books in Mudd, acquiring an impressive stash of ma

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