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Ora is an Environmental Studies major. Over her college summers, she solo-led multi-day canoe trips in Minnesota for high school students. She likes to describe her experience in outdoor education as requiring her to wear multiple hats; including teacher, parent, health professional, and friend. This experience has taught Ora about effective and fulfilling ways to instruct and educate. At Oberlin, Ora was a Peer Advising Leader for first-year students as well as one of the ’19-’20 Captains of the Oberlin Ultimate Frisbee Team. In January of 2019, Ora worked with Midwest Food Connection, MN, as a teacher’s assistant in K-12 classrooms. Ora is eager to take her diverse education experience into the classroom abroad. She also hopes to engage with the University and locals in Banda Aceh to work on climate focused issues. Ora is extremely grateful to have this opportunity.