Santino Merino graduated in May 2012 with a degree in English Literature and Composition. At Oberlin, he was a Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field member with a passion for writing. He contributed to Wilder Voice, worked as a Staff Writer for the Oberlin Review, and taught poetry to students at Langston Middle School. Tino worked as a Writing Associate at the OC Writing Center, and taught kindergartners at Eastwood Elementary in Oberlin through the Spanish In The Elementary Schools program. While in Indonesia as a Shansi Fellow, Tino was an active leader in the arts community, conceptualizing Thirsty Mic, an art and performance showcase, and Meet & Sketch, a local gathering of artists in Aceh. This culminated into the collaborated development of a grassroots art NGO called Akar Imaji. Tino is a writer, videographer, and photographer and he’s been working on his stand-up comedy skills!