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Yue Qiu

“The Effect of Rainfall and Post-revolutionary Land-use Changes on Sediment Yield in Weixi Basin, Yunnan, China”

Yue Qiu’s senior thesis helps tell the larger story of the effect of post-revolutionary national land use policies on a local area in northern Yunnan province. Assistant Professor Amanda Schmidt nominated her work. Yue’s research has depth and detail, and draws thoughtful conclusions from diverse data, and includes well-informed conclusions about how modern land use changes could have affected erosion and sediment supply in this small watershed in western China.

Peter Kramer

AMA for Woman’s Chorale

AMA, which is the title of Peter Kramer’s piece, comes from the Japanese 海女, which translates literally to “sea women, the name of traditional female deep sea divers in Japan. In Peter’s program note, he writes “The piece deals specifically with breath, both inhalations and exhalations on syllables derived from fragments of a poem from the Man’yōshū, arranged by the composer.” Exploration of breath in ragged whispers and in combination with thin fragmented harmonies evoke the sounds of the sea, and the otherworldliness of being underwater.

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