Introducing the 2017 Visiting Scholars

Fara and Dinaroe outside the Shansi House

Faradilla "Fara" Fadlia

Fara arrives with an interest in gender issues, environment, and international politics. She is from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Syiah Kuala University, and she has also worked with the local government in nearby Sabang, and with the Red Cross in Aceh. She has been doing research on gender roles in Aceh, including how this affects women in terms of access to transportation and other public resources, and how they face violence and discrimination in coffee shops in Aceh (coffee shops are a hub of social life in Aceh, but are generally male-dominated). Fara is a member of the university’s research group tasked with establishing performance measurement systems, and she is very interested in how students undertake community volunteer projects. If possible, she hopes to introduce a volunteerism program at her university. She has a Master's Degree in Global Political Economy from the University of Kassel in Germany, and an undergraduate degree from Prof. Dr. Moestopo University in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Dinaroe is a member of the Syiah Kuala University Faculty of Business and Economics. His core teaching areas are Accounting and Business, and his main research area is Islamic finance. In addition to working as a lecturer at Syiah Kuala University, Dinaroe has worked on the technical assistance staff of the Aceh provincial government and for various NGOs. He interested in seeing how Oberlin’s various entrepreneurship initiatives work, and would like to introduce some of these ideas at Syiah Kuala University. He is eager to work on his English and his research skills at Oberlin, and is enthusiastic about studying German as well. Dinaroe also serves as deputy director of the Office of International Affairs at Syiah Kuala University, so he also plans to look at how Oberlin handles international student intake and support while he's here. He received an MBA from the University of Leipzig in Germany after completing a Bachelor of Economics degree at Syiah Kuala University.

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