The Fellows' Instagram takeover is underway!

We're almost halfway done with the latest Fellow Takeover of our Instagram! Since early September, Fellows in Taigu, Tokyo, Banda Aceh, Madurai, Beijing, & Machida have been sharing snapshots of their daily lives. We've decided to share a few screenshots of recent posts.

And here's what we've learned:

1. Our Fellows are incredible storytellers. It's amazing how much they can convey in a photograph and a short caption.

2. Our Fellows live in beautiful places. Seriously. Our partner sites are breathtaking.

3. The food. Seriously... the food is very good!

We're looking forward to hearing from our Fellows in Jogja, Himachal Pradesh, and Hiroshima as well as a few more posts from new Fellows to Taigu and Machida!

If you aren't following us on Instagram yet... you're missing out.

As always, we're @oberlinshansi.

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