Shansi Fellowship Alumni Infographic

In 2019 we sent a survey to Oberlin Shansi Fellowship alumni asking them to share some facts and thoughts on their Fellowships and post-Shansi lives. We wanted to better understand how the Fellowship experience might have affected the career trajectories and professional experiences of our alumni.

We had an amazing response rate, with nearly 50% of our alumni participating. Some of the most dynamic findings were summarized in an infographic that provides a visual snapshot of the impact of the Shansi experience (see below). These stories and statistics demonstrate that Shansi Fellowship alumni are focused, engaged, and making a tangible impact in incredibly diverse fields, like the arts, public service, journalism, medicine and public health, international business, and academia.

The infographic and testimonials have proven crucial to bolstering recruitment efforts because they show interested students concrete career paths after the Fellowship, and help them differentiate our program from other post-graduate international opportunities. We believe this helped significantly increase Fellowship applications in the Fall of 2019.

We want to thank our alumni for participating in the survey and for remaining engaged with Shansi. In the coming weeks we’ll be launching an Alumni Profile series to celebrate the accomplishments of members of the Shansi community. Look out for these profiles on our website and social media accounts soon!

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