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Zaujatul Amna

Zaujatul Amna is a lecturer in the Psychology Department of Syiah Kuala’s Faculty of Medicine. She conducts research on the psychological effects of disaster, and has done clinical training and advanced study in Taiwan. Last year, she also participated in a program on pan-Asia disaster risk reduction in the Philippines. In Oberlin, she studied the array of pedagogical approaches used by Oberlin professors to inform her own teaching while also taking many, many courses in psychology. Furthermore, Amna made a point to attend many of the special lectures held at Oberlin, including every single lecture held by the psychology department! When not in Shansi House, Amna was to be found in Mudd Library, working hard on her research and PhD preparation. She attended a conference held by the Western Psychological Association (WPA) in Portland in addition to trips to New York and Boston with our Visiting Scholar from China, Hengyu Zhang.

Fatima Sarhan

Fatima Sarhan is this year's Fulbright Arabic Teaching Assistant at Oberlin College. She is from both Algeria and Egypt. Fatima earned her bachelor's degree in English literature and translation at Ain Shams University in Egypt. She then obtained her MA in TEFL and applied linguistics at Oran university in 2017 in Algeria, where she currently works as an English lecturer.

Fatima thoroughly enjoyed teaching Arabic here and says she was blessed to have students who were truly passionate about Arabic and its culture. She says her time in Oberlin was "the best and most enriching experience I've ever had." She loves cooking and baking, and frequently made meals and shared food with both Shansi House residents and her students. She also took up running due to the beautiful nature in Oberlin. After returning to Algeria, she hopes to apply for PhD programs in Comparative Literature, a field she became deeply interested in during her time here. 

Asrul Sidiq

Asrul Sidiq is a lecturer in the Syiah Kuala Faculty of Engineering and a program officer and researcher in the International Centre for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS). He works on regional and rural development planning, urban planning, community development, and disaster management. During his time in Oberlin, Asrul took courses in politics and environmental studies. He also travelled extensively in the US, including a visit to his brother at the University of Hawaii, Manoa! In April 2018, he was also able to attend the National Planning Conference held by American Planning Association in New Orleans. When not studying or preparing for his PhD, he made full use of the athletics facilities on campus and joined the Oberlin Badminton team. 

Hengyu Zhang

Hengyu Zhang is a Teacher of Chinese for the East Asian Studies Program.  Hengyu hails from Chuzhou in Anhui Province, a city with a rich culture and a long history in the eastern part of China. She felt right at home in Oberlin because it is quiet and filled with trees and birds; Tappan Square reminds her of the parks in Chuzhou.


She is currently in the MA graduate program for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at Beijing Normal University, and was a teaching assistant at the university. Last summer Hengyu was an instructor in the Princeton in Asia summer school in Beijing. According to Hengyu, “I love to teach Chinese, and my Oberlin students are very diligent.”


One of the many things she enjoyed so far in Oberlin was her visit to The Feve. She had heard of its popularity among students and faculty and found the atmosphere very lively and the food delicious.  Living in Shansi House with its large kitchen at her disposal, she’s thinking of learning how to cook Chinese food and hopes to invite her students and colleagues over for a meal one day soon.  

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