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Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra (Roli)

Shansi welcomes new Visiting Scholar, Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra (Roli), to Oberlin for the Spring 2013 semester. Roli grew up in Banda Aceh, Indonesia and received his MBA from Syiah Kuala University. He is currently a PHD student at the University of Padjadjaran and a guest lecturer on topics ranging from finance management to marketing strategies.  Roli plans to spend his time at Oberlin furthering his PHD research, auditing classes, and exploring Oberlin pedagogical methods. He is most excited for travel opportunities and plans to visit Washington DC, New York City, and attend a business conference. He hopes his time in the US will provide alternative approaches for economic development, which he plans to share with the Aceh community when he returns.

Chao Mi

Chao Mi is this year’s Visiting Scholar from Beijing Normal University (BNU).  As part of the three-way agreement between Oberlin College, Shansi and BNU she will be a Visiting Instructor in Chinese for the East Asian Studies Department under the guidance and mentoring of Chinese Language faculty members Ma Qiusha, Lui Fang and Li Kai. Chao Mi received her BA at Hunan Normal University, where her family is originally from, with a major in Masters of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (MTCSL).  She chose this major because she was interested in the cultural exchange that accompanied her field- both by teaching her native language and being taught by foreigners, her students, in return. She is now pursuing her Masters Degree at BNU. At Oberlin Amy “not only wants to teach Chinese language but also hopes to share Chinese culture with other people and learn about people from other countries.” As enthusiastic as she is to be a part of the Oberlin Community, she is aware that there are a lot of things she will miss from back home—specifically delicious (and spicy) Hunan dishes.

Anita Tiphagne

Anita Tiphagne, is the first Visiting Scholar to arrive from Lady Doak College since the program was suspended because of budget cuts. She renews Shansi’s exchange of Visiting Scholars with LDC through a newly energized program entitled “Shansi Faculty Enrichment and Research Program.” Anita is an assistant professor teaching Social Work in the Department of Social Sciences, and is pursuing her doctoral degree at Madurai Kamaraj University. Baron Pineda, Chair of the Oberlin Anthropology Department is guiding Anita’s efforts in Oberlin. Her research focuses on women in semi-nomadic communities in India, the Denotified Criminal Tribes. At Oberlin, she hopes to gain a theoretical understanding of the anthropological origins of nomdic communities both in the United States and India. Anita believes Oberlin’s approach to the issues of social justice and social equality are important aspects of higher education that she hopes to take back to LDC.

Syarifah Faradina 

Syarifah Faradina (Dina) is from Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh. Dina received her M.A. in Psychology from Bandung, West Java. Initially she was drawn to the field of psychology because of her interests in human interaction and behavior. She believes that “when we understand the culture of people, and their countries, we can more effectively communicate with them.” Stephen Mayer, Chair of the Oberlin Psychology Department, will guide Dina, who plans to audit various classes in the department. She hopes to observe the pedagogical methods used at Oberlin to share with her UnSyiah colleagues and students when she returns in December. She also is enrolled in ESL courses and hopes to learn to ride a bike in her free time. She is looking forward to becoming an active member of the Oberlin community and making a lot of friends along the way.

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