Austin Cope ‘15, a Politics major, is the 2018-2020 Fellow to Jagori Grameen in Himachal Pradesh, India. For the past 2½ years Austin has been shaping the news for people in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona as the host of a local public affairs program on a National Public Radio station in southwest Colorado. He also teaches a bi-weekly yoga class in his community of Cortez, Colorado. Austin pursued a wide variety of interests at Oberlin through both his coursework and a dizzying array of extracurricular activities, including being head cook in Pyle Co-op, performing in OCircus, teaching Spanish in SITES, being a representative on the Student Union Board, managing the Cat in the Cream, and becoming a teaching assistant in the Environmental Studies Department. Regarding his application to Shansi, Austin states, “As the volume and speed of the world’s electronic data, connections, and opinions accelerates, face-to-face human connections are more important than ever. I am applying to the Oberlin Shansi Fellowship because of it emphasis on building relationships, understanding, and connection between people from very different parts of the world.  My experience as a Fellow could deepen my capacity to connect with people in my personal, educational and professional life in the future.”