Corrie Purcell ‘21 is a Philosophy major from Fayetteville Arkansas who has gained considerable experience during her time at Oberlin. She has worked for America Counts, participated in the Philosophy in the Schools program, and served as a winter intern for the Brooklyn New School. In her final year at Oberlin, she was a teaching assistant for Oberlin’s English for Speakers of Other Languages program and began work as a Writing Associate in Oberlin’s Writing Center. Both these experiences deepened her sense of pedagogy and gave her the tools to apply the teaching experience she already had to work with her peers. She hopes to continue learning more about language-teaching pedagogy through her work with Shansi. Outside of these formative teaching experiences, Corrie is a captain of the Oberlin Cross Country Track and Field Team, a barista at Slow Train, and leads the occasional tour for Admissions. She intends to pursue high energy, people-focused roles like these both in her work for Shansi and beyond.