Elaine Wu '21, is a double major in Sociology and East Asian Studies. As a sophomore, she started studying Mandarin in hopes of learning more about her family history, which led her to study at the National Taiwan Normal University the following summer. At Oberlin, Elaine has fostered her interests in community and educational work through various roles including Lead Resident Assistant of the ZEBRA cluster and Communication Liaison and Chair of the Asian American Alliance, working and organizing events and workshops catered towards different communities. In addition to these roles, she was a cook and Board Representative for the Third World Co-op, the President and instructor of the Badminton Club and ExCo, and co-hosted a WOBC radio show. Through Shansi, Elaine is excited to visit mainland China for the first time and aims to improve her skills as an educator and language learner, paying her cross-cultural experiences forward to others through educational work and service.