Jess Wilber ’21 is a double-major in Environmental Studies & East Asian Studies with a double minor in Politics & History and a concentration in International Affairs. She has spent the last three years working for Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), where she helped to pioneer their current programs for students in higher education. She was among the first members of the Campus Leaders Program, which seeks to educate and empower students to become effective climate advocates and organizers in their communities. She founded the Oberlin College CCL Chapter, or OCEAL, and worked alongside other student environmental groups to create a powerful and cohesive climate movement on campus. She was then hired as the organization’s first Great Lakes Regional Fellow, where she managed a network of K-12 and college-level students and educators engaged in climate advocacy. She has also coordinated research and organizing projects with CCL’s education, diversity, and international teams. Beyond her climate work, Jess is a musician, poet, certified mediator, and nationally and world-ranked equestrian in the Morgan Horse circuit.